Let the Fairies In album


Label: Ceoltaí Éireann

Runtime: 33:01

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Following the success of the landmark album A STÓR IS A STÓIRÍN – one of the most enchanting albums ever released bringing classic Irish language songs to families and schools throughout Ireland, Padraigín has now recorded some of the most delightful traditional songs in English for young and old in a new album LET THE FAIRIES IN.


Release credits

Produced by: Dónal Ó’Connor, Seachrán Studios (docfiddle@hotmail.com)
Cover illustration: Gilly Cullen (gillycullen.com)



Album reviews

“Padraigín Ní Uallacháin one of Ireland’s finest traditional singers informs us in the detailed booklet with enchanting cover illustrated by Gilly Cullen that Let the Fairies In is a sister album to her landmark recording of A Stór is a stóirín, so true. In this masterpiece, Padraigín again steps into another world and beckons us to leave the weary materialistic society behind.

The Magical Band is one of two originals amongst traditional gems such as Dancing Child, As I Roved Out, The Field Mouse’s Ball and Dance All Day. That song encompasses what the whole album is about, whether we played with frogs in the fields or a ball in the entry, these songs are part of our lives. For instance My Aunt Jane and Fair Rosa catapult me to the schoolyard. Sourcing her repertoire from song legends such as Sarah Makem, Davy Hammond and Elizabeth Cronin amongst others, Padraigín brings her unique gift of opening our eyes to a world that’s there if we just look.

Add in a magical dust from an ensemble of Ireland’s finest musicians and Dónal O’Connor assisting at the reigns As The Fairy Walk fades, you can see the little folk dance into the distant shady glade, you can if you just let the fairies in.”

Josephine Mulvenna, Irish Music Magazine



mp3 01. The Dancing Child
mp3 02. The Field Mouse’s Ball
mp3 03. Cucanandy-O
mp3 04. My Aunt Jane
mp3 05. Christmas Day in the Morning
mp3 06. The Magical Band
mp3 07. Fair Rosa
mp3 08. Rosemary Fair
mp3 09. As I Roved Out
mp3 10. Dance All Day
mp3 11. The Fairy Walk