“Uniquely delightful… a totally absorbing experience” – Seamus Heaney on ‘Songs of the Scribe’

Poet Laureate Seamus Heaney

‘Songs of the Scribe’ is a uniquely delightful work, because of the beauty of the singing and the accompanying bell tones and bowl tones; because of the sweetness and sureness and clarity of the voice and voicing; because of the way the integrity of the verse line is respected; because of the singer’s at-homeness with the poems, in the music and in the modes. Naturally I am proud and privileged to have my translations included and to be linked into the whole enterprise so significantly. The notes to the poems are unostentatiously authoritative and the variety of treatment – as in the different renderings of Ciaran Carson’s blackbird and mine, or the chant mode of the Amergin vision, or the kept accent of ‘Pangur Ban’ – makes listening a totally absorbing experience.

Seamus Heaney

My Mind’s Desire featuring Pádraigín on vocals and Helen Davies on harp from ‘Songs of the Scribe’