Heaney and Songs of the Scribe: On Home Ground Festival

On Home Ground Festival
On Home Ground Festival

Pádraigín is to perform at On Home Ground, a festival that celebrates Seamus Heaney over four days in Magherafelt. Performing with Pádraigín will be Zoe Conway, John McIntyre, two of Ireland’s most gifted and versatile musicians, and Poets Leontia Flynn and Medbh McGuckian. Continue reading “Heaney and Songs of the Scribe: On Home Ground Festival”

Pádraigín sings on TG4’s flagship Geantraí programme

Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin on Geantraí TG4
Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin on Geantraí TG4

Pádraigín performed recently on TG4’s flagship traditional music programme, ‘Geantraí’ alongside Macdara Ó hUallacháin Graham (viola d’amore) and Dónal O’Connor (fiddle). She performed her own composition, ‘An tAmhrán Geal’, which is a re-working of and old Oriel prayer, ‘An Paidir Geal’. For a limited time, you can watch the episode on the TG4 Player, keep an eye out on Pádraigín’s video page over the coming days!

Pádraigín sings with Steve Vai in Vicar Street!

Pádraigín sang ‘Mullach an tSí’ with internationally lauded guitar legend Steve Vai in Dublin’s Vicar Street on 4 December. Vai recently recorded a cover of ‘Mullach a tSí’, inspired by Pádraigín’s composition and recording. You can watch the beautiful surprise performance below. The song cover appears on Vai’s acclaimed new album, ‘The Story of Light‘, the original song from Pádraigín’s ‘A Stór is a Stóirín‘.

Pádraigín features on BBC’s ‘Amhráin Aduaidh’

Pádraigín has been featured on ‘Amhráin Aduaidh‘, hosted by radio presenter and song collector Brian Mullen. As well as featuring as an expert on Irish song throughout the series, Pádraigín also sang and explored the 18th Century Oriel poet Art Mac Cumhaigh’s ‘Úirchill an Chreagáin’. You can watch Pádraigín’s performance below. This iconic song is also researched and explored in ‘A Hidden Ulster: peoples, songs and traditions of Oriel‘.

NEWSFLASH: ‘LET THE FAIRIES IN’ – songs in English for young and old

Let the Fairies In album Following the success of the landmark album A STÓR IS A STÓIRÍN – one of the most enchanting albums ever released bringing classic Irish language songs to families and schools throughout Ireland, Padraigín has now recorded some of the most delightful traditional songs in English for young and old in a new album LET THE FAIRIES IN.

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Pádraigín to narrate ‘Ceol ón Chlann’ on TG4

Ceol ón Chlann - TG4 and Stirling Productions

Ceol ón Chlann explores six musical families: the Keanes, the Blacks, the Ó Snodaigh’s, the McPeakes, the Pattersons and the Sands Family – famous Irish families who have brought their music to the four corners of the world. This new series, produced by Stirling Film and Television Productions Ltd. in association with the ILBF for TG4, gives an insight into the musical journey that each family has taken and the influence that previous generations have had on the rich heritage of each family.

Each story, narrated by Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin, is presented through rare footage from the archives of the BBC, UTV and RTÉ, and previously unseen private family footage.

Guitar legend Steve Vai records Pádraigín’s Mullach a’ tSí as 7th song on new CD The Story of Light

STEVE VAI Records New Track Inspired By Irish Song For Next Album and sent the following message to Ní Uallacháin:

“I have to say how absolutely moved I have been through the years whenever I would listen to your astounding version of ‘Mullach a’ tSí’. I decided to record a version of that song with the main melody being played on the electric guitar. It is inspired by your vocal performance. I would love to send it to you when I am done. I very much hope to record something with you someday.”

Summer in the studio!

Ancient material is providing new inspiration for a new collection of songs and is being prepared for recording during summer 2012. New instrumental arrangements and vocal sounds at recent concerts in Dublin and St Gallen in Switzerland have been received with enthusiastic response, and has opened another door of exciting possibilities in the creative process for Pádraigín: “With drones, vocals and string arrangements, we are achieving an ancient but contemporary sound that I have longed for and that can elevate the material which I am singing at present to other levels.

PADRAIGÍN NÍ UALLACHÁIN: vocals & shruti, DÓNAL O’CONNOR: fiddle viola, vocals & MACDARA Ó hUALLACHÁIN-GRAHAM: fiddle, viola d’amore, overtones, vocals.

Dónal is my nephew and godson, and Macdara is my son which gives the music an intimacy, depth and knowingness which is unique to blood relatives who understand each other musically, who are receptive to each other’s musical and creative ideas and who love making music together. They are also fluent Gaelic speakers from Oriel who intuitively understand the vocal effect I seek to achieve, not only in music but in lyric as well. I am also attracted to the lack of ego in the playing of these two young men, who have a soulful and sympathetic approach, and who can create quite exquisite harmonic effects together. I have begun to use the shruti box, which I bought in India some years ago, to great effect under the strings.

This next turn on my musical journey is very exciting, and I am going into studio with them during the summer to record a new album inspired by ancient material that I have been working on, editing and rewriting and composing music for.”

With Sir James Galway in St. Gallen

Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin with Sir James Galway and Dónal O' Connor in St. Gallen

Two gala concerts were held in the city of St. Gallen, Switzerland in April 2012 to celebrate Songs of the Scribe and the Swiss connection with Gall of Bangor. Performing at the concerts in the beautiful city were Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin (song), Sir James Galway (flute) and Dónal O’Connor (fiddle).

Pádraigín has spent time studying many manuscripts now housed in the Abbey Library of Saint Gal, which have inspired her latest album, ‘Songs of the Scribe’.